Rugrats Angelica Pickles
Angelica Pickles
is the three year old bully to Tommy and the gang from Rugrats and who also appears in the Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys crossover movie, Rugrats Go Wild!.


When Angelica goes looking for someone on the island that she could boss, she finds the Thornberrys' camp where she meets Debbie. Angelica introduces herself to Debbie as Angelitiki, the Island Princess and as well scares Darwin away.

Later on, while hanging out with Debbie at the beach she and Debbie board the ComVee and start singing a song called Should I Stay of Should I Go while Debbie drives the ComVee crazy. As Angelica and Debbie were singing together while Debbie was crazy driving, Eliza, Darwin and Spike show up in the ComVee's path causing Debbie to get shocked and hit the brakes hard which caused the ComVee to spin out of control and splash into a lagoon. Eliza then tells Debbie about Tommy and the rest of the babies who are lost on the island and a Clouded Leopard is after them. This caused Angelica to get shocked now knowing about the Clouded Leopard on the island and knows she'll be in big trouble, so she quickly jumps into the Thornberrys' bathysphere and dives down.

As she dove down in the bathysphere, she activates it's flare and accidentally hits the ComVee with it causing it's pontoon to pop and causes the ComVee to sink to the bottom of the lagoon. Eliza then discovers Angelica in the bathysphere as she disappears into a waterfall as she drives it underwater to find the babies.

Later on, when Tommy, the rest of the babies and Nigel were stranded in a cave, Angelica pops up from the surface in the bathysphere and picks them up. However, she and Susie then have an argument while Angelica tried to drive the bathysphere which caused it to go out of control and crash to the bottom of the sea. Debbie and the rest of the Thornberrys and the babies' family were though able to save them before they could run out of oxygen.

Later on, Angelica was seen hanging out with Debbie again while the Rugrats and Thornberrys were enjoying a fun vacation on the Lipships Cruise.

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