Season/Episode Episode Name Location
S2 E1 Rebel Without a Trunk Solapur, Maharashtra, India
S2 E4 Darwin Plays the Palace Solapur, Maharashtra, India
S2 E9 Chew if by Sea Australia and India
S2 E11 You Ain't Seen Nothin', Yeti Katmandu, Nepal
S2 E20 You Otter Know Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
S2 E25 Black and White and Mom All Over Chongqing, China
S2 E26 Tiger by the Tail Ussuri River, Russia
S2 E31 Monkey See, Monkey Don't Karnataka, India
S2 E35 Gobi Yourself Mongolia
S3 E1 Dragon Me Along The Great Wall, China
S3 E3 Horse Sense Mongolia
S3 E9 The Legend of Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
S3 E13 Happy Campers Bhutan
S3 E14 All Work and No Play Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
S3 E19 Gem of a Mom Karakoram, Pakistan
S3 E20 The Anniversary Mt. Fuji, Japan

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