Season/Episode Episode Name Location
S1 E15 Lost and Foundation Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
S1 E17 The Great Bangaboo Sambas, Borneo, Indonesia
S1 E18 Rumble in the Jungle Borneo, Indonesia
S1 E19 The Dragon and the Professor Rinca, Indonesia
S1 E20 Born to Be Wild Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
S2 E2 Pal Joey Tasmania, Australia
S2 E8

Kuality and Kuantity

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
S2 E9 Chew if By Sea Sydney, Australia and India
S2 E10 Clash of the Teutons Great Dividing Rang, Australia
S2 E16 Reef Grief Great Barrier Reef, Australia
S2 E17 Thornberry Island Uncharted Island, Pacific Ocean
S2 E18 Dances with Dingos Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
S2 E28 Song for Eliza Kahoolawe, Hawaii, U.S.A.
S2 E30 Bogged Down Philippines
S3 E15 New Territory Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
S3 E16 Operation Valentine Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
S3 E17 Hello, Dolphin! Shark Bay, Western Australia, Australia
S4 E1 The Origin of Donnie (Part 1) Borneo, Indonesia
S4 E2 The Origin of Donnie (Part 2) Borneo, Indonesia
S4 E3 The Origin of Donnie (Part 3) Borneo, Indonesia
S4 E4 The Origin of Donnie (Part 4) Borneo, Indonesia
S4 E6 Hot Air Rotorua, New Zealand
S5 E7 Look Who's Squawking McMurdo Station, Antarctica (New Zealand Settlement)

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