The American Bison is the largest terrestrial mammal in North America. This bulky creature is like the Americas version of the wildebeest and it has a broad frame, huge horns and a stocky build. Once, this muscular bovide inhabited the length and bredth of the continent, but excessive hunting and competition with livestock all but had the species eliminated altogether. Today, bison live in protected areas such as Yellowstone, which is half of their former range. The bison is also one of the most dangerous animals in the Americas and kills more people than wolves and grizzly bears combined. Despite its fearsome reputation, bison are herbivores and graze the Great Plains. In spite of its muscular body, the American Bison can move with speed and stealth and is even capable of throwing a man into a tree. The creature is often incorrectly reffered to as a buffalo, but is smaller than its African namesake. The animal's gestation period is about 9 months and females usually have one calf.

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