Hippos are large, semi-aquatic mammals. They inhabit Africa's jungles and grasslands from Senegal to South Africa, in areas close to freshwater. The hippo is a vegetarian, but is a vicious territorial animal. Every year, these muscular behemoths kill more people in Africa than all of the continent's predators put together. Hippos are just as agressive to each other as they are to predators. A female with a newborn will guard her calf fiercely,even from other hippos. The hippo's natural predators include lions, Nile crocodiles and even African rock pythons, while humans kill it for its meat and bones and encroach upon its habitat. Protected areas such as Kruger National Park ensure that hippos are still king of the waterholes. Despite its muscular frame, the hippo is capable of running faster than a human and males wield huge sharp tusks which they use in battle.