Kip O' Donnell is the primary antagonist of the show "The Wild Thornberrys". Kip is often shown to be Nigel's enemy (then more of Eliza's foe). Kip is almost always shown with Neil Bedierman. Kip is shown to be a very tall man in "Matadi Or Bust" because he dwarfs Nigel, who, in Happy Campers is revealed to be 6’2”. Kip is probably about 6’8”. Kip is almost always seen dressed in camouflage grab, a matching sun hat,one wooden peg leg , one boot,and round frame sunglasses. He is bald, but has a British style mustache. Kip speaks in a deep, rasping voice with almost an Australian accent. In "Koality and Kuantity", Kip said he grew up in Sydney, Australia. Kip is assumed to be the same age as Nigel, because, in "Matadi Or Bust" it is revealed they used to know each other. Kip is also shown to be smarter and more focused than his friend, Biederman. Kip frequently becomes frustrated with Biederman and he often yells Biederman you idiot!. He is voiced by Keith Szarabajka.

Beiderman in the front of a mine cart. Kip is behind him

Kip seems like an emotionally disturbed person and I really think this reflects on his actions in the episodes. His voice is very husky and melodramatic which is a nice contrast compared to Nigel Thornberrys calm soothing voice. I personally think he helps develop the story and bring it to a more mature audience and helps the views find enlightenment and understand the meaning of life more on a personal level. - Jay Gill (Critically praised author)