The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world. True to their name, the creature can only be found on the Indonesian island of Komodo. But within their small range, this bulky reptile dominates the grasslands and forests where they lives. The Komodo dragon is armed with sharp claws to lacerate their victims and targets, huge teeth to bite with, and toxic saliva. The drool is riddled with 50 species of bacteria, 7 of which can poison the victim's blood. The creature rarely chases down their prey. Instead, they waits for their hapless victim to come too close and then they strikes. The bacteria goes to work and the dragon stands back and waits for their victim's wound to become infected. The animal dies and the Komodo eats their meal. This draws in other dragons, so they keep ahead of the competition by gorging. Because the Komodo dragon has been isolated for so long, they size means that they can fill the void of big cats on Komodo Island.

What the Komodo dragon is well-known is their voracious appetite and their immense size, which enables them to eat animals only other lizard species could dream of, such as eating deer, wild boar and even water buffalo. They are also well-known and very infamous for being man-eaters as well, and most disgustingly are known for digging into graves and eat human corpses.

In the Wild Thornberrys Series

A Komodo dragon was seen in the episode "The Dragon and the Professor". It is greatly feared by the local wild animals and it tries to eat Eliza and Darwin when hunting for meat. It is voiced by Roscoe Lee Browne.

Gallery of Komodo Dragons in the TV Show

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