Wild Thornberrys - Crocodile

Nile Crocodile in "Tyler Tucker I Presume"

The nile crocodile is the largest of Africa's crocodillians. It stalks the rivers, lakes and swamps throughout the forests and grasslands of Africa from Senegal up to Egypt and down to South Africa, with a relic population in Madagascar. The crocodile is the reptillian king of Africa, because it can eat just about anything that crosses its path, including buffalo, elephants, antelope, fish, birds, monkeys, wildebeest and, very rarely, humans. They kill more people than all other crocodillians put together. A crocodile can't chew its meal, however. It instead rips off huge chunks and swallow them whole. Despite their size, crocodiles are also prey. People encroach upon its habitat and kill it for its skin and teeth. The majority of these huge reptiles inhabit protected areas such as Kruger National Park. The biggest population of these brawny reptiles inhabit Lake Turkana, a huge body of water that dissects Northern Kenya's semi-desert lands with the rest in Ethiopia.

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