Shaman Mnyambo is a character from The Wild Thornberrys and the person who gave Eliza the power to talk to animals.


Prior to the series, Mnyambo was a high shaman from a tribe who believed that Animal and Human spirits joined, but was known to have a hatred for animals, and after eating the really high shaman's prize sheep, he was put under a spell to be a warthog and the only way to reverse it is for a human, who really cared for him, to save him and he believe that no one would have to care for an ugly warthog like him.

He made his first appearance in the flashback episode Gift of Gab, when an Eliza freed him from a trap, only to see that he transform into a human. Mnyambo was grateful to Eliza for saving him and breaking the spell and granted her wish; the ability to talk animals. unfortunately the ability to talk to animals came with a price: Eliza can only speak animal and not human.

Mnyambo appeared again, this time at a hot spring as he is able to understand Eliza. When Eliza said that he mess up the spell and can only talk in animal, but Mnyambo revealed that he actually granted her wish to talk to animal but can't do a spell to make her talk in both animals and human and offer her a condition; to talk to people or animals and Eliza chose people. However after saving both Eliza and Darwin from falling from the cliff (as Eliza tried to save Darwin) Mnyambo decide to cast a very hard spell that will allow her talk to both humans and animals (or cause her to grow a second head) and done it but warn her that is she tells anyone about her secret, the powers will go away forever.


  • Mnyambo is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

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