Season/Episode Episode Name Location
S1 E2 Dinner with Darwin Manaus, Brazil
S1 E3 Bad Company Manaus, Brazil
S1 E4 Gold Fever Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
S1 E6 Temple of Eliza Manaus, Brazil
S1 E7 Vacant Lot Brazil
S1 E8 Only Child Brazil
S1 E12 Blood Sisters Andes, Peru
S1 E13 Eliza-cology Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
S1 E14 Flight of Donnie Peru
S1 E16 Nigel Knows Best Peru
S2 E14 Two's Company Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
S2 E24 Dear Diary Cuzco, Peru
S2 E32 Where the Gauchos Roam Argentina
S3 E12 Happy Old Year Quito, Ecuador

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