Rugrats Go Wild Spike
is the Tommy Pickles' dog from Rugrats and who also appears in the Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys crossover movie, Rugrats Go Wild!.


When Angelica sends Spike out into in island jungle to watch the babies, he goes out to find Tommy and the gang. Except Spike lost his ability to smell so he couldn't find them.

While trying to find Tommy and the gang, Eliza and Darwin find him. Because Eliza can talk to animals with her magical ability that Shaman Mnyambo gave her, Spike could now talk in his own voice (voiced by Bruce Willis). Spike explains to Eliza he lost his ability to smell so he couldn't find Tommy and the gang, so Eliza decides to help him find them.

While trying to find the babies, the three run into a Clouded Leopard named Siri, who Spike outsmarts to protect Eliza and Darwin. Siri then goes after Tommy and the gang.

Later on, while trying to find a way to raise the ComVee back to the surface after Angelica accidentally sunk it, Spike goes out into the water to retrieve the raft that the babies and their parents arrived on the island on to use to patch the ComVee's pontoon.

At the end of the movie, Eliza holds Spike in front of Tommy and the gang where Spike says his last words in the movie, "I'll never lose my babies again!". And somehow the babies could hear him and the babies laugh hard.

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