Tasmanian Devils are marsupials from "The Wild Thornberrys TV Series"

In the Real World

The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial found only in Tasmania. It hunts prey and scavenges carrion for a living. It is an endangered species due to devil faciol tumour disease.

In The Wild Thornberrys TV Series

In Pal Joey

The Tasmanian Devils are the antagonists of that episode. They were first seen chasing a Kangaroo doe and her joey. She jumps over a ravine, but the devils fall in since they can't jump that far. After they finally come out, they lose the Kangaroo doe and argue over her and fight.

Later on, when the joey meets the devils, they take him into their den. When they come out, they lie to Darwin, Donnie, and Eliza that they ate him already, but this foiled by the joey's calls from the cave. When Eliza makes a deal with them to take her instead, they take her into their cave and try to eat them both, but they get into another fight over who gets to eat first, which Eliza uses this to her advantage as well as the joey's playful antics. The joey's punches and kicks became too much for the devils to handle.



The devils in the TV Series bark, growl, and yelp like dogs. Real Tasmanian Devils make loud screeching sounds.

Also, real Tasmanian Devils are black, but the ones in the series are brown.