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The tiger is the largest cat in the world. There are six subspecies, and the Siberian (Amur) tiger is the largest, weighing up to 850 pounds. The Sumatran tiger, the smallest, can weigh up to 240 pounds. As well as black stripes, most tigers have orange fur, but some have white fur.

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In Real Life

Tigers inhabit jungles and forests of only Asia. They are one of the few cats that love to swim, besides jaguars and leopards. Unlike their cousins, the lions, tigers like to live and hunt alone. After a male and a female (tigress) spend a few days together during breeding season, the tigress can have up to 6 cubs after 3 months. The average litter is 3 or 4. Some of the animals that eat tiger cubs are leopards, pythons, hyenas, and even male tigers. Leopards, pythons, and hyenas kill tiger cubs to reduce competition for food. Male tigers kill the cubs to put their mother in breeding condition. After about 4 years old, the tiger cubs are old enough to take care of themselves. Tigers hunt sambar deer, chital deer, water buffalo, wild pigs, guar, monkeys, cattle, and antelope. The only time tigers kill humans is when the cats are sick or injured. Tigers are endangered. There are about 8,000 left in Asia. The reason for endangering tigers is destruction of habitat and tiger fur.

In "The Wild Thornberrys TV Show"

In Rebel Without a Trunk

When Eliza and Rosy the Indian elephant calf walk into a cave, they see a tiger growling at them. They run out of the cave, but the tiger gives chase. When they reach a forest fire at Marianne's camp, Eliza's mother tells them to back away, but the tiger jumps from a nearby tree. Marianne rides Rosy's mother toward the tiger and swings her rope at the big cat until it runs off into the jungle.

In Lost and Foundation

When Debbie, Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie are strolling through the jungle, they meet a tiger in the brush. They run, but the tiger gives chase. A weasel tells them to climb his tree and play "lose the tiger". Being too bulky to climb the tree, all the tiger gets is Donnie's life saver, and it eats the jacket.

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